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5 Basic Things to Do Before Going to Sleep

5 Basic Things to Do Before Going to Sleep

Quick Checklist:

Sleep is crucial and shouldn't be taken for granted. We should actively help ourselves to sleep, to rest and slumber.

Before sleeping, there are same basic things you can do:

1. Make sure your room is dark and quiet.

Create a cosy and secure space to sleep by turning off any distracting or annoying lights or devices. Make sure outside lights or the rising sun
don't wake you up before you are ready. Use sleeping accessories like sleep masks or earplugs to help create a better sleeping environemnt.

2. Make sure your bed is comfortable.

Choose mattresses and pillows to support your body. We are all different shapes and weights and certain products are better suited for different body types. When you lie down to sleep, simple things like making sure your
sheets and blankets are properly covering you.

3. Make sure you are comfortable.

Going to bed wearing restrictive clothing is uncomfortable. Shirts and pants that are too tight can prevent us fully relaxing. Wearing the right amount of clothes to keep us warm, or cold is also important.

4. Relax Before Sleep

Take a moment to relax and calm yourself. Reduce the inputs or distractions surrounding you. Be calm. You may like reading a book, listening to a radio, podcast, or having a bath, can help to mentally unwind and get us ready for bed.

5. Look Forward to Sleep

Try to forget about all the things that happened throughout the day and try not to think about tomorrow. Focus on this one moment in time. You are about to close your eyes and sleep for several hours. Enjoy it.

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