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Sleep is a critical to our well-being. Understanding how we sleep and the environment in which we sleep, can go a long way in helping us maximise our sleep time and really enjoy it.

Top Tips for Sleeping Through the Night

Getting a good nights rest is important for your wellbeing. One's ability to feel happy and positive during the day depends a lot on how we slept the night before.
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5 Basic Things to Do Before Going to Sleep

Sleep is crucial and shouldn't be taken for granted. We should actively help ourselves to sleep, to rest and slumber.

How to Avoid Sleepless Nights

How to Avoid Sleepless Nights

We all know that getting the right amount of sleep is important for living a healthy life. Allowing time to rest and sleep, and sleep deeply, is crucial for all of us.
In fact it is one of our most basic needs alongside food, water, shelter, and love. The better the sleep. The better we feel. The more positive we are.
The more productive and engaging our lives.

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OHROPAX Sleep Mask 3D is going ORANGE

This soft and comfortable opaque foam sleeping mask is covered in skin-friendly fabric on both sides and can be comfortably fastened at the back of the head using the elastic hook-and-loop tape. The sleeping mask also boasts an extra-special feature in the form of its three-dimensional shape, which makes uncomfortable perspiration and disturbing pressure on the eyelids and lashes a thing of the past. The mask can be ideally combined with OHROPAX's tried-and-tested earplugs to provide darkness, peace and quiet at once: the optimal conditions for sweet dreams and a good night's sleep without interruptions. The OHROPAX 3D Sleeping Mask is the ideal product for anyone looking for peace, quiet and relaxation at home or on their travels.

Metro Newspaper - Travel Essentials

Sleepstar's Stellar Deluxe Eye Mask is recommended as an essential travel item in London's Metro Newspaper.