Ohropax Flight Earplugs Take Off in the UK

Sleepstar is proud to announce the launch of Ohropax's Flight Earplugs on sale in the UK today.

Ohropax's patented Flight earplugs are specially designed to relieve noise and air pressure discomfort while flying, making these the perfect air travel companion.

Flight earplugs regulate the pressure balance between the ears and the airplane cabin to help prevent unpleasant air pressure fluctuations during take-off and landing.

Packed in a handy, hard-plastic carry case, a pair of Flight earplugs are sold for £12.95. Each pair  comes with two different sized filters, making the earplugs also suitable for school age children.

Flight earplugs are easy to clean and re-use.

Find out more about Ohropax Flight Earplugs here. 
















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