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Ohropax Lamb's Wool Earplugs
Ohropax Windwolle Wool Earplugs
Ohropax Windwolle Wool Earplugs - 12 Earplugs Superbly crafted soft earplugs made from fine sheep's wool Effective protection from cold, wind and rain. The wool is waterproofed to help keep your ears warm and dry. Ideal for home use and...
12 Earplugs
Ohropax Silicone Aqua
Ohropax Silicon Aqua Earplugs
OHROPAX Silicon Aqua Don’t like water in your ears? We understand only too well. That’s why we developed OHROPAX Silicone Aqua for you. Whether in an indoor swimming pool, a lake or the sea – swimming is fun! But both competitive...
6 Earplugs
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