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Orion Deluxe Eye Mask - Navy Blue

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Orion Deluxe Sleep Mask - Navy Blue Extremely comfortable eye mask with... more

Orion Deluxe Sleep Mask - Navy Blue

  • Extremely comfortable eye mask with adjustable headband. Generously covers the eyes from all sides.
  • Extra soft padding around the face. Luxurious plush velvet. Handsome Navy Blue colour.
  • Superbly crafted soft nose and cheek roll gently rests on the contours of your face to block out light to provide a snug fit
  • 100% breathable jersey cotton on the inside.
  • Expertly handcrafted with three layers of fine materials to block out the light from all angles.

Effective light blocking Sleeping Mask for home and travel. The Orion Deluxe is a plush, velvet eye mask designed to help you sleep wherever you are.

Plush Navy Blue Velvet
Expertly handcrafted, the Orion Deluxe combines three layers of fine materials - a soft spongy layer of padding is covered by luxurious rich navy blue velvet and lined with a 100% breathable jersey cotton. It feels like cotton wool around your eyes.

Designed to block light from all angles
Designed with ample coverage, the Orion blocks out light shielding your eyes from unwanted light during sleep.

Comfortable, snug fit
With its in-built nose and cheek roll, the Orion Deluxe rests on the contours of your face to block out light and provide a snug fit for all face and head sizes.

Easily Adjustable. Perfect fit for all sizes
With velcro headbands, the mask can be easily adjusted to fit any head size. The sleeping mask can be made as tight or as loose as you like.

Product information Orion Deluxe Eye Mask - Navy Blue

Headband: Black Velcro Straps
Care: Hand wash
Outer Material: Velvet Polyester
Inner Material: 100% Cotton
Padding: Cotton Wadding
Dimension: 22.5 x 8 x 1.5 cm
Weight: 33 gr
Packaging: Handy storage pouch with button and Orion packaging card
Colour: Midnight with rim
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Customer evaluation for "Orion Deluxe Eye Mask - Navy Blue"

Excellent product, excellent service

Best wax earplugs I've ever used. Soft and easily pliable. They bloke out the noisiest teenagers. The service from this company was amazing in difficult times. My order was processed and delivered in three days. I will definitely be back and would recommend

Excellent service and Excellent product

Amazing service in difficult times, and will now use this company for future purchases.
I usually use a chemists ear plugs but due to Covid19 they were out of stock.
Luckily for me I found this company online.
Easy to order, the product arrived in three days by royal mail.
I'm extremely happy with the ear plugs, which work out a lot cheaper than my original brand
Well done sleepstar you've been amazing. Please expand your product range:)

Great earplugs

Great earplugs and excellent service as usual.

the best ever

now I can sleep, really thank you


Really pleased with these earplugs. They block out noise effectively and are very comfortable to use

Best earplugs on the market

I Can"t live without them. Ohropax classic wax Earplugs is the Best earplugs on the market.

Best earplugs

I’ve been buying these earplugs for years, they are brilliant, I can put them right in my ear and don’t hear a sound.

I only buy from this company.

Effective, comfortable and natural - wouldn't use anything else.

An excellent product, highly recommended. Especially good for travel, not just planes - wish I'd thought to tuck a couple in my bag for use on the Eurostar!

Best earplugs ever

These plugs are amazing. They cut out virtually every sound if you get them soft and put in properly

Excellent product. Used them for years.

Keeps out the noise exceptionally well. My first choice.

Wow... love them

Got these for a weekend away in a shared room in a hostel... they are amazing... I was sharing with 5 strangers.. when I woke up in the morning they had all gone and I honestly never heard a thing.. fantastic. Comfortable and easy to use..will definitely buy again

Great product

Good price and does the job.. Keeps the light out..used it on a long haul flight and aided a reasonable sleep.

As good as any I've used.

Having to sleep during the day because of shifts can be a pain hence the reason I've got through many eyemasks. This was an identical replacement for one I've used every day for about 18 months and is now a bit tatty. This is half the price of my old one but just as good quality. You can hand wash them but don't tumble dry! This is also a lot better than a couple of more expensive branded masks I've used which aren't nearly as effective. It's also very soft and well padded and easily adjustable with the velcro straps.

Best earplugs on the market

Very comfortable and very good soundproofing. Took me a while to get used to them, but since then they have been my best choice for earplugs. I use Soft too when I need less soundproofing, but Classic are just for everything and everyone. Thanks a lot to Sleepstar for getting them in stock and delivering fast to me.

Best sleep mask

This is the best sleep mask that I know of. It's essentially a simple product, but they get the details right. I use it every night and it makes for the perception of perfect darkness. It is very comfortable to wear.


What a difference these have made. Wax earplugs are the way forward! They block out so much sound and are so much more comfortable than the other kinds. Really good buy!

snoring problems

This product saved my life. It is easy to be used and can be shaped perfectly into your ears. I have very small years and with this product I could make the ear plugs with a personalised shape and size for my ears. Fantastic product!


I have used these earplugs for many, many years. I used to have to buy them in Germany: so glad they are available here now. I also have small ears and one earplug is enough for both when torn into 2 pieces. Very comfortable. Tried others but found them completely useless.

Sleep tight!

I was so delighted when I saw they sell these earplugs in amazon. I got my first pair from a Swiss friend and it has lasted for two weeks. At first I looked at the little lump and through "weird!". The waxy material does leave a very thin layer of residue in the ear but I find it very easy to clean. The earplugs come wrapped in wool, which at first does leave lint mixed in but it integrates with the wax after moulding it into shape. I keep them in their case to avoid dust and lint sticking to them and if you clean your ears every day, these earplugs will last clean for many days - reusable for sure for more than a week! I can't hear a thing and feels very comfortable as opposed to foam pushing your ear walls trying to expand. I sleep extremely well now next to a snoring husband and snoring dog!

simply the best

Absolutely the best. Soft, malleable, will bear a good number of wearings. Best of all, HIGHLY effective!
Does considerably more than it says on the box.

Good effective product at a good price

Great for blocking out loud TV noise from an annoying neighbour! Takes some getting use to putting into the ear and how tacky the wax becomes. But very comfortable and effective and able to finally get a good nights sleep. More suitable for smaller ears. Will be purchasing them again.

A must for holidays

Normal ear plugs (the kind airlines give out on long-haul flights) rarely fit in my ear, and when they do, the fit is so loose it does not seem to make much difference sound-wise. These wax earplugs, however, are the perfect solution! You roll them up in your fingers to make them slightly soft and then basically seal off your ear canal from external noise. My family and I used them on holiday over New Year's as we had read reviews of our accommodation stating that it was situated in a 'lively, bustling neighbourhood' (i.e. very noisy at night). Although there were many bars blaring out music, and people chatting and drinking in the streets, I shut out all the sounds and slept completely undisturbed.

If normal foam earplugs do not work for you, then I really cannot recommend these enough.

Very comfortable earplugs, I would recommend these plugs to anyone. Delivery is excellent! I've been buying these plugs for the last couple of years now. Wouldn't purchase them from anyone else.

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