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Stellar Deluxe Sleep Mask - Black


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    • Recommended in the Sunday Times
    • 100% light blocking
    • Internal eye chambers
    • Adjustable headband
    • Perfect for home & travel
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  Stellar Deluxe Sleep Mask - Black Luxurious black suede eye mask lined with... more

Stellar Deluxe Sleep Mask - Black

  • Luxurious black suede eye mask lined with 100% breathable jersey cotton
  • Effectively blocks out the light from all angles
  • Secure and snug fit with nose padding and internal eye chambers that alleviate pressure on the eyes
  • Allows you to open and shut your eyes while wearing the mask
  • Easy to adjust elastic velcro headband to fit all head sizes
  • Slimline design makes the Stellar Deluxe Sleep Mask the perfect travel companion

Stellar Deluxe sleep mask is Sleepstar’s flagship mask, already helping thousands to sleep better.

Handmade with luxurious suede and lined with breathable jersey cotton, the Stellar Deluxe eye mask has been expertly crafted to block out light for all faces and head sizes. The sleep mask is perfect for home or travel.

Blocks out light
Uniquely designed to prevent light coming in from all angles. The Stellar gives ample coverage above, below and to the side of the eyes without being bulky. The Stellar has a special internal layer of blackout material to ensure complete darkness.

Secure fit around the nose
Superbly designed with a soft, nose padding piece that blocks light coming in. This internal padding gently sits and molds to the contours of your individual nose and cheeks ensuring light is blocked out for all face types and helps ensure a cosy fit.

Alleviates pressure on the eyes
The Stellar has internal eye chambers crafted into the soft padding of the mask creating ample space around your eyes. The mask doesn’t pull down or apply weight on the eyes. These eye chambers help create a sense of well being. You can open and shut your eyes whilst wearing the mask.

Slimline, Durable, & Lightweight
Handcrafted with soft suede, and 100% breathable jersey cotton, the Stellar is designed to impress with its distinctive slim shape. Also available in: cherry red, midnight blue, charcoal and hot pink.

Perfect Fit for All Sizes
With soft velcro headbands, the sleep mask is fully adjustable to fit all head sizes.



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Customer Review for "Stellar Deluxe Sleep Mask - Black"
2 May 2018

Love these

Love these.. do exactly as they promise... bought them for a weekend away... use them all the time. .. I get a better nights sleep with them on

17 Mar 2017

Excellent value & customer service!

I purchased two of these, unfortunately only one arrived. This morning, less than 24 hours later, the replacement arrived by Special Delivery. What excellent customer service! Last night I tried the mask for the first time. The light was blocked out and, apart from my dogs waking me, I slept very well. The mask sits away from the eyes so it feels totally natural. I did have to adjust the straps a couple of times, but that was so easy.

11 Feb 2017

Great sleep mask

Soft, comfortable mask that blocks out the light perfectly.

10 Jan 2017

A really excellent sleep mask

Very comfortable to wear and blocks light totally for me.

29 Sep 2016

Blocks out light well

This is a really good sleep mask works well blocks out the light good

14 Jul 2016

Love this!

This is a fab product.
Blocks out the light and is comfortable to wear and fits well around the eyes without pushing into them or squashing them closed - I can open my eyes behind the mask easily.
The only negative I have is that the elastic strap slides up my hair while I sleep and I have to work hard to anchor it in place.
My hair is straight and obviously shiny which doesn't help it stay put.
Perhaps a velvet or faux suede sleeve could be included to stop the movement and help to hold it in place.
I might just " Macgiver" something like that myself.
Otherwise it's great - even kept me sleeping in Spain this summer in a room with a huge window, and no black out blinds to stop the light streaming in from the early hours.

11 Jun 2016

Works perfect, and washable

Works perfect, and washable! Now more deep sleep for me in the condition of close midnight sun in Sweden. Better than other models I have been testing.

8 Jun 2016

Perfect for a good nights sleep!

This thing really does block out one hundred percent of the light. It's great for sleep, if light bothers you during sleep, this is really good as it's so comfortable and it doesn't move around on your face, unlike cheaper products. The elastic isn't too tight either, and due to the shape it's not pressing against your eyelids so you can still blink and twich as you please. I have used it every night since i received it and i don't think i will use any other make. This is the number one! (It doesn't fall off in your sleep either, you wake up in the morning with it still firmly on you face.

2 Jun 2016

Sorry I don't like it

I was excited to receive this after so much research funding the perfect mask, unfortunately I don't like it all.
I think my head is too small as it simply doesn't fit right. It kept sliding up onto my forehead. I tightened the strap and this made the mask tilt at an angle letting all the light in. It's also too stiff and doesn't bend around my face. I will say however that my partner tried it and it fits him perfectly so ??

Admin 11 Jun 2016

Thanks for the feedback. The good thing about the velcro head band is that it is fully adjustable to any head size. You move the velcro strap to secure it for a secure fit. 

20 May 2016

excellent customer service

Good to do business

1 Apr 2016

Excellent product

Excellent product, provides me with the blackout that I need for a good sleep. Really comfortable I don't even feel it on my face. I like that I can open my eyes with the mask on , I don't feel restricted.

25 Feb 2016

Right on.

Bought as a present for my wife. Such good feedback I'll be getting one for myself. A++ would trade again.

18 Feb 2016

Very comfortable sleeping mask

Very comfortable sleeping mask, great material that covers your eyes perfectly. no light comes thorough and allows you to sleep comfortably.

18 Jan 2016

Black-out, adjustable comfort

Ticks every box

16 Jan 2016


Very effective and comfy sleep mask. Would recommend.

2 Jan 2016


I'm a night worker and need a really good blackout to sleep. This is the best mask I have ever used, comfortable and dark

16 Dec 2015

Bought as a gift for my daughter and she loves it, comfy and excellent black out.

Would recommend

16 Dec 2015

Complete Blackout!

I was slighlty dubious about the product when it arrived as it wasn't as soft as i imagined it would be, however, once i put it on the blackout was intense and i had a brill nights sleep! my old sleep mask kept coming off in the night and this one stays exactly where its meant to due to the curvature of it and it stays on all night, i would definatley recommend it and will be buying a spare!

9 Dec 2015

Great product

I great mask, blacks out perfectly and fits just nice

8 Dec 2015

Awesome product.. Comfy and it works

Better than most

20 Aug 2015

Comfy and soft eye mask,

Bought it as a replacement for my wife's old mask. This is much comfier and softer than previous ones.

14 May 2015

Best mask out there

This is the stellar mask I have bought. I find them super comfortable and love the fit it blocks 100% of light out. I have tried other brands but they don't hold up to the quality and feel of the stellar masks at all. Won't be the last one I'll buy.

1 Apr 2015


Brilliant and really blocks out light. Comfortable to wear and adjusts to my tiny head. Great design. Definitely recommended.

18 Feb 2015

It took me more than 10 to find the one for me.

I have bought sleep masks from 2 or 3 pounds - up to £24 and fancy as some looked they were all flawed in some way, either poor light sealing, pressure on the lids, irritating materials used, uncomfortable fitting and cause sweating. With the 'Sleepstar' I have found as close to perfection as I am likely to find. It is in the mid price range and I have bought a second to allow for regular washing of them. I could not be more happy with an item as I am with these.

12 Dec 2014

Unbelievable blockout

I am a devotee of eyemasks for sleeping and have tried all different types.

But this mask is the most effective in blocking out light and the padding across the bottom also has a really relaxing effect.

Perfect for those daytime naps too!

11 Nov 2014

Tried last night perfect

Tried last night perfect

18 Sep 2014

Stellar indeed.

Fits nicely around the nose. Light weight and soft.

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