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Flight Hero - Airplane Travel Set

Flight Hero Airplane Travel Set

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    • Flight Hero - Airplane Travel Set - Fly in comfort
    • 1 x pair of Ohropax Flight Earplugs
    • 1x Stellar Deluxe Sleep Mask Black
    • Balances in-flight cabin air pressure for your ears
Flight Hero - Airplane Travel Set - Relax While You Fly Dual Comfort - Combines... more

Flight Hero - Airplane Travel Set - Relax While You Fly

Dual Comfort - Combines Ohropax's patented Flight Earplugs & Sleepstar's Stellar Deluxe Sleep Mask

Ohropax Flight Earplugs - Comfort For Your Ears

  • Effectively balances cabin air pressure on the ears
  • Reduces noise whilst flying
  • Relieves discomfort during take-off & landings with patented special filters 
  • Re-Usable. Includes pair suitable for children 

Stellar Deluxe Sleep Mask - Comfort For Your Eyes

  • Hi-tech design to block out the light made with internal eye cavitites
  • Allows you to open and shut your eyes while wearing the mask
  • Easy to adjust elastic velcro headband to fit all head sizes
  • Soft & Slimline design makes the Stellar Deluxe Sleep Mask the perfect travel companion

Patented Ohropax Flight Earplugs

The ideal companion for a totally comfortable flight: these earplugs with a patented special filter guarantee peace and quiet. They regulate the pressure balance between the ear and the cabin during take-off and landing.

The earplugs offer comfortable, mid-range noise reduction that still allows voices to be heard. At the same time, the patented special filters regulate the pressure balance between the ears and the cabin and so help prevent the often unpleasant air pressure fluctuations during take-off and landing. 

The earplugs consist of two parts: the coloured, round filter and the transparent earplug. The filter already comes delivered inside the larger earplugs (M: 8 – 12 mm). First, insert these earplugs into your ear canal in accordance with the instructions. If this is difficult or feels uncomfortable, try again with the slightly smaller earplugs (S: 6 – 11 mm).

Insertion into your ears: Use one hand to pull the outer ear slightly outwards and upwards, and then carefully insert the earplug into the ear canal until it is in a secure and comfortable position.

Removal from the ears: Remove the earplugs by turning them slowly. Sudden or fast removal may damage the ear drum. 

Changing the filter: To remove the filter, press the earplug just under the filter until it ‘pops’ out of the earplug. To insert the filter, ease it into the larger opening of the earplug with the ear symbol facing outwards. The filter should be inserted at a slight angle and upside down. Then, push the ear symbol downwards a little to ensure the filter is correctly positioned inside the hollow area. The filter can only provide the certified noise-reducing effect if it is inserted correctly.




Stellar Deluxe Eye Mask - Black 

Uniquely designed to prevent light coming in from all angles. The Stellar gives ample coverage above, below and to the side of the eyes without being bulky. The Stellar has a special internal layer of blackout material to ensure complete darkness.

Superbly designed with a soft, nose padding piece that blocks light coming in. This internal padding gently sits and molds to the contours of your individual nose and cheeks ensuring light is blocked out for all face types and helps ensure a cosy fit.

The Stellar has internal eye chambers crafted into the soft padding of the mask creating ample space around your eyes. The mask doesn’t pull down or apply weight on the eyes. These eye chambers help create a sense of well being. 

Slimline, Durable, & Lightweight - Handcrafted with soft suede, and 100% breathable jersey cotton, the Stellar is designed to impress with its distinctive slim shape. Also available in: cherry red, midnight blue, charcoal and hot pink.

With soft velcro headbands, the sleep mask is fully adjustable to fit all head sizes.


Product information: Flight Hero - Airplane Travel Set - Dual Comfort 

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